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About Piiink

Piiink started her journey on twitch in 2016 when some friends pushed her to give it a shot and she fell in love with streaming instantly. After her first year she took a step back due to life and mental health but came back 5 years later ready to jump back in!

With the help of old and new friends she pushed herself to learn how to do everything she could from overlays to editing videos and she's been creating content since.

Creating an open and welcoming community where you can meet other like minded people was what she thought she was creating, But instead she grew the biggest most loving family of weirdos and dorks.

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Want to join the fam?

There is many way to catch pink,

For LIVE content check out Twitch to see where everything goes down in real time!

Check out YouTube for videos of the funny kind, the sweat kind, or whatever she try's to create most of which can be seen live!

Twitter is a great way to help support by sharing Live notifications

Let's not forget Instagram to see some behind the scenes content!

Join the Family

Want to talk to some pretty awesome people?

Fair warning Discord can be a confusing place, there's colors and nicknames a lot of organized mess .. and yes you're going to be scared to talk at first but its a great place to find your heartmate!

Commissions and Creations

Currently commissions are closed but send me an email and if I have time I may be able to help!



I've also worked on custom health bars for warzone as well as stinger transitions for swapping scenes on stream!

and more to come...

Inspiring people and being a good person isn't hard,

Kindness goes a long way.

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Thank You!

For the endless support always!

For every laugh, tear, and memory.

For not only believing in me but being brave enough to believe in yourself!

Your support helps me and creators like me,

I'm so thankful for the chance to get to know you all <3


All Dm's are open!

Buisness email